Baths - Romaplasm

I absolutely adored Obsidian and enjoyed Cerulean, so am psyched (watch me rock the mic) that he’s back with another.

Didn’t even know he had an album out today, literally was just about to put Obsidian on Spotters when it came up in the ‘latest release’ section. WHAT a magnificent coincidence.

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Saw the live show at the Roundhouse supporting Perfume Genius and genuinely thought it was dogshit.


So he’s

  • Great recorded, great live
  • Shit recorded, great live
  • Great recorded, shit live
  • Shit recorded, shit live

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I haven’t heard his records, but badmanreturns tells me they’re very good.

Yeah, I agree. I mainly went to that roundhouse show to see Baths, as I loved Obsidian. But it seemed so jarring to my expectations, seeing him in t-shirt and shorts and walking around and singing like a popstar (whilst moaning about his keyboard) - I was wanting some morose hiding behind a keyboard, barely being able to see him.
Even the couple of songs he played from Obsidian didn’t wow me. But will give his new album a go and maybe just not see him live again, although the crowd seemed to enjoy him I think.

That was my first experience of Baths and it was so wildly not what I was anticipating. Didn’t mind some of the songs (bit Postal Service-ish at times) but his stage presence was so annoying and his set seemed to go on for actual decades, I was losing the will to live a bit by the end

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