• I have a daily bath
  • I have gone thru phases of having a daily bath
  • Ugh baths

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Talk about baths with me. Fave ingredients. Music?

  • no bath access/ misery option

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I like a bath as a treat but not every day.

Sunday thing isn’t it.

  • I have occasional baths but have not been through a daily bath phase

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Don’t have a bath, sadly. Started enjoying them way more once I realised it’s not a great idea to make it AS HOT AS POSSIBLE.

I’ve been thinking for days about having a footbath but never get around to it

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Don’t have a bath, which doesn’t bother me cause I haven’t fitted in a bath since I was about 16.

Reckon I’ve had about 10 baths in my adult life.


Normal times: baths great when cold, or sick, or just when feeling decadent
Covid times: bath bath bath bath

Having more than ever before lately. At the moment it’s a heat thing and just a mood lifter, while over summer I was fucking loving having a beer beer or joint and read


Have had maybe 2 baths in this house in 4 years. Boring and bad

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Sound advice.


Think I’ve had 3 since then.

Needs an option for 'I only have a shower in my house :cry:

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Love a bath, watch tv shows or YouTube usually. Must be too hot at first. Dead jealous of countries where proper bathouses are still a thing, seems like an amazing way to spend a lazy Sunday.

Disagree! My favourite thing about a bath is making it so hot I feel like I might pass out! :smiley:


Really love a nice bath

I once had a bath in Bath. But it collapsed. It was made from A4 paper.

I cannot wait to rip out my current bathroom and add a bath. I miss baths so much.

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  • Baffs
  • Baths
  • Barths

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I do not have a bath

I really like having baths when I’m at a hotel or something

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Didn’t have baths for years, have one pretty much every day during lockdown, it’s just become part of a routine. Will miss it when we’re back out (don’t tell me to keep having them, it won’t be the same).

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