BATS! (spelled backwards is STAB) 🦇



FAO: @cowcow @vamos @Icarus-Smicarus and anyone else who cares, Dublin’s BATS are not dead and a new album of the horizon!!! :bat: :bat: :bat:

For new converts, familiarize yourself with these tales of evolution, mathematicians, spelling stuff backwards and dragons.


Oh cool. I really loved The Sleep of Reason


Really love their first album but hardly ever listen to it as not on Spotify. I think I bought it on iTunes but never use that anymore.


3 euros on their bandcamp!


Fair enough, I’m in






thank you for your invitation to this thread. i enjoy the musical stylings of popular beat combo BATS and am somewhat excited for their new long player.


Could have sworn they said they were recording the 3rd album “soon” early last year? That it went completey silent afterwards had me worried. Glad that there’s more stuff coming.

Hope they do a good sized tour, doesn’t seem like they (ever?) play that many shows.


there can’t be that many bands whose name can be reversed to spell another word. Offhand I can only think of one: the Enid (ENID <-> DINE).


Speed of Snakes (Rupert from BATS and Vinny from Adebisi Shank) album out on St Patrick’s Day

This is a Thread About a Band Called Adebisi Shank

About fucking time they released something else! NICE.


I really enjoyed that. Thanks