Batteries - A go-home thread to speed up that lagging Monday afternoon

Ever seen a Single A battery? When was the last time you used a C? Ever lick the top of an E as a kid?

Talk about your experiences with the wide variety of batteries available in this thread

Alright James Hetfield.


I don’t get this reference

I give it about three minutes before marckee Googles what a single A battery is and explains it to us all.

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well looking forward to that tbh


also i thought you’d be telling us all about all your C batteries for guitar pedals?

It’s funny to think of someone setting up and taking this photo isn’t it:

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Use a power cable for them, obviously.

Except for the Big Muff, which just has to be awkward.

Remember this stuff? Anyone actually bother doing this?

Use CR2032 loads more than I assumed I would in 2017

I hope not.


finally bothered to spend some money on a power supply that doesn’t buzz like a mofo, dread to think how much i spent on 9vs over the years!!

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“Oh no, the batteries have run out, must remember to pick up some new batteries”

:joy: :joy: :joy:

God we’re a fucking stupid species aren’t we


My cheapo one isn’t too buzzy. Or I can’t hear it over the buzz from single coil bass pickups.

“Where do the batteries go?”

“Can you work out how to get the battery cover off?”

“What batteries does it take?”

:joy: :joy: :joy:

u ok hun?

Got a spare CR2025 in my drawer, needed a CR2032 didn’t I.

yeah my previous one was fine for live but i tried recording with it and good god, man. bass player in my band is just getting his first proper board together and keeps turning up to practice and finding his 9vs are all dead and then having to go out to the shop to buy 3 or whatever :grimacing: kids today eh!

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen an A battery.

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