Battle of the Browsers [Poll]

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • IE (lol)
  • other nerdy one you haven’t heard of

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something about how you’re “browsing” this thread haha


£15 that Theo wades in here and starts banging on about Opera or something at like 3am UK time.


I think I want to go back to firefox. A few months ago everyone was saying it was the best one again. Chrome seems so slow all the time.

nottheo but in the past opera had a really nice speed dial thing going on that everyone else seems to have now anyway but i still feel like my browsers are letting me down in seeing the stuff i want to see.


is opera the one with turbo mode?
i liked that but didn’t really understand it


i keep hearing that firefox is cool again. never known chrome to be slow, always been firefox that lagged on me



every wee while i’ll switch to firefox because i want to like it more than chrome but it’s just not as good

too many little things chrome does well. like custom search engines. they’re still annoying to use in FF. the latest FF the spellcheck didn’t work on DiS, i mean. mon tae fuck guys.



I h8 chrome

I think I’ve posted about this within the last month


Think we’re at the point now where we can confidently say that anyone not using Chrome is being deliberately contrarian, elderly, or Theo.


there’s a sign i walk past sometimes that says ‘BOWSER REFILL POINT’


‘deliberately contrarian’ will be my epitaph and even i’m on it


At work and on my android phone: Chrome
At home on my PC: Firefox


chrome can’t handle the number of tabs I have open


You don’t need that many tabs open, mate.


Based on Chrome but with built-in adblock/spyware protection.


Firefox loyalist here. Fucking love a bit of Reader View m8.


google analytic stats show that our customers are pretty much all Chrome dudes.


I use Chrome at home and for browsing in work, but I also have Internet Explorer open in work because it allows me to do this which I can’t figure out how to do in Chrome. I refresh them compulsively throughout the day and read everything that comes up on the Guardian. The first one called “Football” is actually all their published articles, the second one is football. Anyone know how to get these on Chrome?



IE is called Edge now m9 and its actually pretty good these days if you want a no thrills fast browsing experience. I use chrome doe


Should be separate polls for home, work & mobile