Sorry if there’s already a thread on this clearly great band, but it’s basically impossible to search for it.

Really fancy seeing them live, just for John and whoever else is joining him at this point, but I don’t know either of the England venues on the list.

Which is better for Battles – Earth Concert Hall or Gorilla?

Could you make the Brudenell?

Bristol may also be in England if that’s convenient

Yes, I thought that was a festival. Is it not?

Bit soon – I’m skint.

It is

Anyway, hope you get to make it to a show. Cracking live band.

yeah it’s just a duo of John and Ian now.

curious about what they’ll be like as a duo, pretty sure Ian formed the band in the first place, but the interplay between members always seemed like an important aspect.

might go to the Dublin show but have a feeling it clashes with something else

Yeah it’s a festival, just thought you might have missed it on the list because it ain’t next to the London and Manchester dates and tickets are 60 quid for a day which might have been cheaper than the train to Manchester or whatever

Hmm, just had a look. You made a good point and I thought “if there’s anything else on the lineup I like, I’m in”. But there isn’t.

Says more about me than the lineup, probably.

they always go down really well in Dublin and seem to love playing there so could be worth a trip over if you can be bothered with the travelling

have a feeling they won’t play Belfast again cos as when they played here on the last tour John got really annoyed that the crowd didn’t keep cheering between the end of the main set and the encore :smiley:

If you like Battles you will see lots you’ll like at ArcTangent, it’s very much that sort of stuff


The album artwork is nasty.

Lol wtf

Link to sign up for free gig without preorder

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Do they play live as a two-piece?!

As of recently yeah

used to have the guest vocalists on a video screen :eyes:

They did that when they were still three though. Down to two seems a bit bare bones.

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