BAUDIT (New Board audit)



the only thing i miss is being to able ^ this yourself when you balls up a post


yep, still miss the nested replies


guys this is how internet forums have worked for about the last ten years, you can click on the post to see the replies


seeing one reply is fine, but it gets complicated when that post was a reply to something else etc


and they all end up at the bottom anyway? don’t really get it.


This thread may help you navigate replies



I think we could probably shorten ‘board audit’ to ‘boardit’ or ‘baudit’

  • Board audit
  • Boardit
  • Baudit

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Well fuck guys, we need to agree on Boardit


too #brexit for me


It’s fine pal, stop crying out yer bum


Yeah it does. Mouseover the first image and it says who it is. I’m sure @j0hn can look to see if there is a clever CSS tweak for this to make it clearer but is it that important who started a thread?


Baudit edges it. @sean please update the guidelines accordingly.








Probably going to sound a bit wet here but I’m loving the vibes from the boards atm, and liking the lack of try-hards being rude for the sake of being rude.



don’t really want to open a thread by some cunt. i also miss the mouse-over to see a preview of the OP actually.

on the plus side threads load faster than they used to so it doesn’t waste as much of your time when a thread turns out to be terrible.


Just mute them from your preferences


But I don’t want to miss seeing marckee being done by someone!