BBBQ Thread (rolling)

Its warm and sunny which means food must be cooked and eaten outdoors.

Discuss. Chat. Poll. etc

Shit cooking method for cunts.


Not really a BBQ fan tbh. Apart from the Mallorca BBQ we had obv.

Sometimes it’s just nice to drink beer and stare at fire though


Pair of right fucking idiots have waded straight in here


Yeah that’s fine, I’ll just have my Huel™ before popping round for a below average burger and that pathetic banana dessert.

Had a sandwich in the park today. That was pretty good.

Might invest in a new bbq this year, I want a big oil drum style one but might make the leap in to gas grills.

what you rocking?

  • Brick
  • Disposable
  • Small metal one
  • Huge metal one
  • Just use the indoors oven and eat outside

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Been considering splashing out on the 'ol Weber pizza adaptor thing.

seems too good to be true does that, plus do I need more pizza in my life? (yes, always)

don’t know what a Huel is, is that a city thing?


Love spending a full day making marinades and salads and that, happy to leave the actual barbecuing to others


Gas barbecue

  • Not a barbecue is it mate
  • Tory

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  • Gas
  • Charcoal - lump wood
  • Charcoal - briquettes

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Was going to BBBQ for the first time this year last Saturday but ran out of time. Will prolly break out the Weber-max this Saturday instead :+1:

Thinking of trying cauliflower steaks on it for a change seeing as they are now a thing…

I don’t like BBQs because

  • I do like them, I’m not a monster
  • Don’t like food
  • Never been outside
  • Afraid of fire
  • Obligatory Tory option

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Right bloody faff. Let’s all eat undercooked foodstuffs surrounded by flies. Barbeques are shit. Using the acronym “BBQ” is utter shit

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Chicken -

  • Just burn it until its done
  • Cook it in the kitchen then finish it off on the BBBQ

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Already got one in this year.

Currently building some new decking. Can’t wait to start bbqing on it. Gonna have fancy lighting and a bbq shelf and everything.

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