BBBQ Thread (rolling)

Aha, that looks like a very useful thing.

Getting my BBQ on later - was gonna do it tomorrow, but the forecast is shite for the weekend.

Gonna give this bbq leek thing a go as it sounds well good.

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The leek worked nicely. Maybe could’ve done with leaving it on slightly longer than I did, but was still nice. Bet it’s be really nice with baby leeks.

Any other good things to do with veg? Asparagus maybe?

Asparagus I just whack it in tinfoil with butter and maybe garlic. Not got any other veg suggestions really, other than the Caribbean bean burgers @hankscorpio suggested upthread, which I’ve made a few times now and are great

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BBQ roasted peppers are banging, grill them whole until all the flesh is black, then wait until they’re cool and scrape the charred skin off and thinly slice it up. Whack in some good olive oil with salt, pepper and maybe some herbs.

Going to a BBBQ this afternoon, got some seitan ribs ready to glaze and finish on the grill. So easy and super tasty. Recipe here - BBQ Seitan Ribs - BOSH!

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This went well

Burgers were extremely juicy. Easily comparable to any you’d pay £10+ for in a restaurant. Got the timings right and everything.
Pork loin steaks were bloody lovely. Cooked quickly and the fat crisped up lovely. Not my marinade though, so something to improve on there.

Made sure the sausages were cooked all the way through. Haven’t quite perfected how long this will take when grilling them over direct heat. Charred on the outside but juicy on the inside is probably the most accurate description

To be improved
Prepared some chicken breast fillets. Made v. deep scores and coated them in a barbecue rub (which was tasty). Should have butterflied them as trying to judge how cooked they were was a nightmare

EDIT: bought some fire baskets and will try an entire butterflied chicken next weekend. Dead excited. BBBBBBQ

It’s still the season :+1:


Annoyingly, this week’s climate change report about our impending destruction makes it more difficult to enjoy mid October barbequing…


do those peppers and tomatoes grill nicely in those bowls?

Yes :+1: Provided the trays don’t catch fire :unamused:

Today is the day guys.

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Maybe. I’ve sent out some feelers

Apologies @Petagno for the flurry of likes.

Nowt wrong with a BBQ for one…

No apologies, my notifications just went AWESOME :+1::+1::+1:


I’ve already done about 20 BBBQs so far this year. Started way back in February when we had that freakish 20c weekend…


Now I’ve got a barbecue, I intend to use it regularly even during Not Summer.

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Word :+1:

This thread is useful document of which months I BBQ in - only stopped for November, December, January apparently :smiley:

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You’re my hero :heart:

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Just lit the chimney, gonna smoke a gammon over some applewood. Or that’s the idea, anyway…

Then doing a ‘normal’ barbecue this evening.

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