BBBQ Thread (rolling)


sounds great and now I’m hungry


going to my first BBBQ of the year tonight and am stopping off at some wanky bottle shop to pick up a litre growler of freshly poured wanky shite. can’t wait.


It’s no blue bag filled with red stripes though, is it


I don’t get invited to enough BBQs - someone invite me to their really fun BBQ please


Might buy some fire baskets for my barbecue. Some indirect grilling of a brisket or whole chicken with proper lumpwood charcoal and hickory wood is exactly what I need to dedicate my summer to.


I’m going to one of these today!


I have grand plans to build a brick BBQ pit in our garden when we get a house.

I hate DIY (except Ikea flat packs), decorating, gardening and etc, but it’s the one project I’m determined to make happen.


Must say I much prefer the black carrier bag tbh


I’ve noticed there’s been a shift in recent years from the blue carrier bag to the much smaller, thinnner black bag from Offies.

This is definitely the classic though, isn’t it:


Had forgotten how much I enjoy the annual DiS BBQ misery thread #TeamWeber


9pm? FLAME ON!


this weekend I am determined to sort out my overgrown garden so I can get a lovely weber and some new garden chairs etc.

Its happening - hold me to it people!


Very disappointed to find out that BBBQ is some shit Simpsons joke.

(did some padron peppers yesterday, they were great)


Was never really fussed before but the past few years I’ve evolved into a big BBQ fan.

Gonna get me a Weber very soon and enjoy sitting outside listening to my meat sizzle (steady).


After a magical day* of romance and football, anyone else taking advantage of the blessed weather this evening?

*Obviously as an evolved human I watched none of either…


Interested in yer onions there, just bit of oil is it?


My dad did this earlier


What’s in there…? :confused:




Leg of lamb, sausages and chicken, we’d already eaten the burgers