BBBQ Thread (rolling)


Yeah, my Dad’s has been lying dormant for a few summers now. I remember mentioning those Uuni things to him and he was all “£200?? I can build one for half that!”. Yeah, one four times the size that you don’t use and now can’t physically move. :ok_hand:


No, but my brother in law bought a pizza stone to use with his Weber. We did a trial run which was a total disaster but it hasn’t put me off them, I just think it takes a bit of getting used to.

I’d love one of these.


I’ve got a pizza stone, but without a top, I’d have thought it would let all the heat out when you open the BBQ. Might try it though.

would love an actual pizza oven, but the cost is very off-putting, especially as I’d need somewhere to store it to protect it against the dreaded weather.


Bought ourselves a tiny bucket bbq but it’s class cooking for 2.


Maybe try cooking things properly on the barbecue?


I usually bbq from April-September when the weathers good. Sometimes 2/3 times a week.

Got a big 2 part charcoal job with a chimney starter (they are great, as stated above).

Last week got myself a Cadac style gas BBQ/outdoor cooker so I can BBQ on the go too. Have used it a couple of times recently and rate it so far. Means I can make a curry in the backgarden when the weathers nice.



A good and fun thing to do is put some whole leeks on, burn them completely, then peel off the outer skin and have some hot smoky leek mush in a bowl.


Oooo gonna try this! Sounds frickin’ DELICIOUS!




Did a simple one on Thursday - just sausages (chorizo style and Linda’s for the vegans) and corn on the cob served with salad and jacket spuds (those mcain microwave ones are actually pretty decent if you are short of time)

Going Caribbean tomorrow - jerk chicken and jerk cauliflower with rice and peas. I’m going to marinade the chicken tonight. Can’t wait


the jerk BBQ was not a great success for various reasons (all my fault) - but lessons have been learnt and I am going to fucking nail it next time


What went wrong with the jerk?



I’m a bit late here - but we made these from my daughter’s favourite cook book yesterday. Cooked in the oven, finished off on the BBBQ. They were delicious.

  • didn’t have quite enough coals really, so BBQ was not quite hot enough

  • tried to cook too much in not enough space (was doing jerk cauliflower for the vegans and had some corn on the cob too), which meant too much lid opening which didn’t help with the temp

ended up chucking some of the chicken as I was worried it was undercooked. Think I need to get a 2nd smaller BBQ (maybe a bucket one) to use for veggies and stuff when doing this kind of cooking as that lid needs to stay on as much as possible really

Plus I didn’t wash my rice enough so my rice n peas came out a sticky mess


Yesterday’s session (yes, I overcooked pretty much everything)…


What do you lot use for getting your coals lit?

Firelighters? Lighter fluid? Douse it all with petrol? All of the above?


I buy those paper bags which you light the corner of and it sorts itself out :slight_smile:


Ah, OK - BBBQ issues rather than jerk.

I can’t offer advice for that bit.