The extra B stands for bbad.

I was at a barbeque yesterday afternoon. Roasting hot of course, solid collection of meats on the grill, very relaxed atmosphere all round. But, and there’s no easy way to say this, there was NO BEER. In fact, the only drinks outside of tap water were Pepsi Max and Capri Sun.

This is clearly not acceptable, right? I guess we need a poll or two.

No beer at a barbeque:

  • It’s fine, we’re not all slaves to alcohol.
  • WTactualF?

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Adults drinking Capri Sun(s)[poll name=poll2 type=regular public=true]

  • Live a little, mate.
  • Wrong, in every conceivable way.

Your polls are a bit reductive. I mean I would certainly prefer a beer at a BBQ but I am equally fine with an alcohol free one.


BBQs are bullshit, aren’t they.


I’m a veggie, my only reason for attendance at BBQs are hummus and alcohol.


always worse than you expect


Then you might vote “It’s fine, we’re not all slaves to alcohol.”

And somehow a chore, even if you’re a guest, unless you commit to sitting in the same place the entire time getting really drunk.



Generally I’d prefer booze, but if (say) the hosts have a moral objection to it I wouldn’t throw my toys out the pram.

Anyway, isn’t the normal drill with a barbecue that the guests bring their own drinks?

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Ban this chump please mods


my problems with them:

  • never wanna eat hot food on a hot day which is when BBQs normally happen
  • you stink of BBQ after
  • the food never turns out very good let’s face it
  • meat-centric

would probably just rather have a lovely picnic

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Did you bring your own mission wraps?


do capri(s) sun always come in the wee pouch with a straw? this is the bit i struggle to imagine adults with, not the drink itself


Pretty much as far as I recall, yes. This means if you’re annoyed by a lack of booze, it’s probably your own fault.


bbqs are one of them things people feel as though they have to do when the sun comes out. they’re always less fun than the idea of having a bbq.

Everything was Mission there, it was a Jesus Army barbecue. We live next door.

Do the people who were hosting the bbbq usually drink?

like on a night out for eg

  1. hot food + cold beer is great
  2. good.
  3. learn to cook
  4. go and marry a carrot etc

perhaps they were expecting people to byob