perhaps they were expecting people to byob


This is definitely what’s happened, but they should obviously have said. Multiple times. LOUDLY.


We’ve been to birthday parties and the like where they’ve had beer and wine, so yes.


Pretty much every BBQ I’ve been to has seen the hosts provide the venue, BBQ, food and soft drinks, and the guests bring the alcohol.


I don’t think it’s weird in and of itself but it is unusual behaviour.


really? what they don’t but ANY booze at all?

Nah, not grown ups


I mean I’m not saying it’s odd or anything but it is unusual


Maybe a bit, if they’re drinking themselves, but everyone has a wide range of what they drink (beer, lager, gin, pimms, wine, aperol spritz etc), so it’s a bit unreasonable to expect the hosts to provide all of that.


We had a small family BBQ yesterday for Fathers Day. It was rather lovely and I got to play with my niece and nephews in the garden.

I’m not a fan of huge BBQs but a small family one is fine, and of course beer was involved.


Imagine kicking off because a host didn’t have Aperol


The dream:
Ace food on a lovely day with your pals

The reality:
Smoke in your eyes, below-par food every 40 minutes when it’s your turn to get something, everyone has a shite place to sit, balancing a paper plate of food is fucking terrible.


no u




I wouldn’t turn up to a BBQ without my own beers (and a food contribution).


You know, it’s not strange but it’s not normal


remember that horrible period in life (around the ages of 18-23) when every BBQ you’re invited to involves hunching round a couple of those shitty disposable tray BBQs poking some miserable kebabs around.

there’s no point to a BBQ unless its on a proper coal fired grill, m89.


Reckon a vodka capri sun would be a treat at a bbq


Elaina goes pure radge if she can’t neck a few between overcooked burgers.


Just been on a stag do where we rented a massive gaff out and I helmed a barbecue for 18 lads and it was awesome. If you know what you’re doing, barbecues are great.

Nowt wrong with a booze free barbecue. Although what I will say is it is absolutely mandatory for the person doing al the grilling to have a beer in hand at ALL times. The rest of you can do what you want.


I meant I’m not criticising them or saying it’s right or wrong, just uncommon