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I need an idea about a summer team building thing btw, £64 a head… preferably in Richmond-Upon-Thames but not a boat on the river…


Barbeques (I refuse to use the contraction) are always a genuinely average experience


sorry £50 a head


What kind of animal gets invited to a BBQ and doesn’t at least chip in a few cans out of their own pocket?


Love a good BBQ. No idea what you moaners are on about. If you can’t manage to have fun with food+beer+sun+music then you’ve got problems.


are these the new espresso martinis?


but there was no beer




Yeah, I’m in team ‘that’s a bit weird tbh.’


I’ve got to that stage where I find a meal prepped inside but eaten outside at a table with a beer or glass of wine with friends and family on a warm day to be a bit more enjoyable than a BBQ.


MUM! Can I have my tea in the garden?! MUM!!


Didn’t know you were related


Fair enough, I used to suffer with it and nothing is enjoyable when your pockets are stuffed full of tissues and you can’t see anything. File that under ‘problems.’


Feels nice and continental. Sit out on the terrace on a warm summer evening, under a parasol.



Hire a screen in the Odeon and hold a big screen Mario Kart tournament.


One’s more of a summer drink than the other, and Aperol Spritz’s became a ‘thing’ a year or two earlier than espresso martinis, I think.


While everyone’s having a moan I’ll give you the recipe for my new favourite BBBQ side (vegan and well easy)

  • peel some sweet potatoes, bash them through the thickest setting on your mandoline (or pound coin thickness if you’re still living in the stone ages)
  • mix a tin of coconut milk, a bunch of fresh, coarsely chopped parsley, couple of cloves of garlic (crushed), fresh chilli and chilli flakes in a bowl with the sweet potatoes
  • layer the sweet potato in a roasting dish and bung it in the oven for 40-50 minutes

You’re all very welcome

  • Obviously great
  • Me and my friends and my family are all very bad at cooking

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Trip to Kew Gardens? Hire bikes and cycle around Richmond Park? Trip to Kempton Park? Trip to Hampton Court Palace?