The addition of smoke in your eyes really does but the cherry on the impressively large cake of shit that is hayfever. Hold my beer and my plate of food? That’ll be ideal when I’m sneezing.


not a BBQ thing though, is it.


Chicken on the bone

  • Not on my BBBQ
  • Oven first then finish it on BBBQ
  • Risky full BBBQ cook
  • I own a gas BBBQ because I’m a colossal tory

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This is actually true, everyone I know is bad at cooking.


A barbecue is nothing without good sides, friend


Spoke to my da for Father’s Day yesterday and he was helming a BBQ. He was grilling salmon, sea bass, marinated lamb and some veg halloumi kebabs - that’s a BBQ for me Cliev.


Strong lineup


Something very masculinity-so-fragile about bbqs too
Just thought you all should know


all sides to be grilled.


nothing fragile about my masculinity, mate.

puts on muscle pattern apron


Most of these winglords never step foot near a hob 364 days of the year, all of a sudden they’re King Grill of Tongsville
Truly the fragile man’s fields of wheat




I don’t eat meat or fish, but even I was impressed when we went to Matosinhos in Porto and all the restaurants are grilling fish on the street barbeques.


I love that street. Had two absolutely exceptional meals last time we went.


Very impressive looking…


Dom Peixe (the place in the photo) is meant to be really good for fish (the veggie option was pretty decent, too).

  • Charcoal
  • Gas (lol)

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  • I grill the over hot coals, char the outside and pray everything is cooked all the way through
  • I seal the outside over the hot coals, then move the items to the side and finish with smoke (aka a barbecue)
  • I don’t understand any of this

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is this the point where you list 100 meals you’d rather have than BBQ.

  • The way I do barbecues is actually the definitive way and everyone else is getting it wrong and I pity them.
  • Hey maybe there is no right and wrong way? Let’s be friends.

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