Gas barbecues really need a new name as they just aren’t barbecues. ‘Outdoor melt oven’ maybe


actually created that poll to shame everyone but couldn’t help voting for the bbq snob option


Not laying on free booze is totally fine.
Having a ‘dry’ BBQ sounds boring to me personally, and I probably wouldn’t attend one given the choice.


get a charcoal tray for your gas grill

best of both worlds


Gas ring on the side of a charcoal bbq is the only acceptable compromise (must be a fucking massive paella ring, obvs)


Love a Capri Sun. Got the straw in pouch down to a fine art.


Can pretty much nail one in about 2.4 seconds as well, which I believe is a Guinness WR.


I used to time how long it took me from the moment I left my classroom at school break. If we ever meet we should competition this. Such larks will be had!


That dickhead on the advert can absolutely do one though.


Not even seen this! I’m sure it’s horrendous.


what the hell is that


It’s an anthropomorphised orange drink m9. A Disney Pixar production, coming to a cinema near you soon.


why does he have a post it saying capri sun over the package logo that says capri sun
is he evil? is that why they want children to stab him in the face?


think he’s playing the rizla game


Yeah this was lovely. Also a few near foz beach