BBC 6 music presents ‘The Biggest Weekend’

Anybody actually there? Watching it on the iPlayer from the comfort of my sofa. Public Service Broadcasting were excellent, Beck put on a damn good show, Orbital felt wrong as a late afternoon act, The Breeders only have one good song (yes, that one) and Ash need five or more extra guitarists and backing singers

…and Tim Wheeler doesn’t have any eyebrows. Which is weird

Public Service Broadcasting are the whitest, nerdiest band to ever exist but they were pretty good. I like that Ash are basically just a Good Fun Rock Band with no airs or graces or fucking around - Tim Wheeler still has an endearingly dodgy singing voice.

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Bassist only has three strings as well. Rock and Roll. Totally no-frills no-nonsense indie-pop bangers. About to get my extra-personnel wish they are now a five-piece!



Went yesterday, it was excellent. Didn’t go today as the lineup isn’t as good

Orbital were on last, after 9 o’clock.

Never had much interest in them and a lot of my friends left before they started but I really enjoyer them


Thought it was pretty cool that they put together a new set of songs about the Titanic for a gig on the site where it was built


Fair enough! I only managed the first song which seemed to be in daylight when they needed night-time and frickin’ lasers

The Breeders are fucking great and I will not have anyone say anything against them.


enjoyed their short set yesterday, although coming after an absolutely storming Courtney Barnett set they sounded a little ropey in comparison. in a charming way though. loved how them and Barnett guested in each other’s sets.

noticed they’ve been throwing Gigantic in on their recent sets so was hoping they’d have time to reel it out yesterday but sadly not

yeah they were on from 10 past 9 to about half 10 (think they were meant to be off by 20 past but decided to keep going) so the darkness gradually crept in through the set. it did work a lot better in the darkness.

was surprised Father John Misty was first on. he’s grown on me lately but i underestimated the walking distance from my house and missed the start of his set. a lot of the sets were only half an hour so they were over just as you were getting into it.

there was also a bit of sound bleeding over between the main stage and the smaller stage as they were quite close together. i thought it would have been a better idea to alternate the start times so bands weren’t on at the same time, and then you could wander over and check out more stuff on the smaller stage, but they didn’t seem to think of that. managed to catch a little bit of Phoebe Bridgers after FJM but otherwise everything clashed - would have liked to have caught a little bit of The Orielles or Hannah Peel.

Manic Street Preachers had to get a stand-in bassist as Nicky Wire couldn’t make it, and even though I’m not a massive fan and generally think Nicky is a bit of a prick it did look a bit weird/bland with someone else in his place. stand-in did a good job on short notice though. they said they had to cut a song from the set but i’ve just read it was Your Love Alone Is Not Enough so that’s no loss whatsoever.

absolutely cracking day though. sun was out, saw lots of people i know, lots of Repeal badges everywhere, lots of happy people, lovely atmosphere. the bar and toilet queues got a bit mental around the middle but i just stopped drinking for a bit until they subsided.

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Wasn’t he playing with an orchestra or something? Seem to remember that being mentioned on the promos 6music had been doing for the last couple of months, if so I guess it was a necessity of set up that he went on first.

yeah i was expecting the full Ulster Orchestra but it only seemed to a be a few of them? i couldn’t see that well though, need to watch his set back on iplayer

Enjoying this Underworld set on BBC Four right now. Opening with Juanita is always a wise choice, because it’s cracking.

I probably haven’t mentioned in about a month on here that Underworld are brilliant, that Karl Hyde was one of the nicest people I’ve ever interviewed and how they are a totally immense live act. So I’ll set that straight right now.


Saw them last year at Ally Pally and they were absolutely immense. One of my favourite gigs i’ve been to.

I also worked on a project with Karl Hyde right at the beginning of my design career, and yes he was a thoroughly lovely human being.


Rez/Cowgirl will never not make me happy.


Went to both days. Great stuff. Friday was better lineup and weather wise but today was fine too. Hard to grumble for £20 per day but all the issues @Icarus-Smicarus highlighted are spot on. Franz Ferdinand played a pretty short set and padded with lots of “scream for me Belfast, louder I can’t hear you” guff. The beeb have done a great job with this including the fringe stuff, hope they don’t jettison the format when Glastonbury is back, or if they do they could have bigger fringe events in the week prior to Glastonbury UK wide . If nothing else I hope all of the acts consider coming back on subsequent tours and local bands and venues got some positive attention or coin out of it.

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oh it is the full orchestra, couldn’t see half of them from the angle i was at during his set