BBC axes Film Show

Did anyone know this was still on? I remember when Claudia Winkleman presented it, but it was always on at about 1am.

Didn’t realise it was on this year at all, Danny Leigh was always great but the beeb’s devil may care attitude to its timing showed how much they cared for it.

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Yeah, i think the BBC did their best to bury this show so that they can just move any Film Review stuff online to the iplayer only…which i think is what will happen.

In addition to this, Mark Kermode has ended his ‘Kermode Uncut’ vlog…which is a shame.

Probably should have given the job to Kermode a few years ago.
Winkleman was rubbish and pronounced every piece of shit film as “uh, uh, uh, a-may-zing!”, propped up by her lackeys on that show wasn’t she.


Agreed, although he has now started his own podcast which is very good:

Nice one! Didn’t know about this.

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Come off it

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Entitled to your opinion of course.


Kermode does have some odd taste. For example, he is a big fan of ‘Love Actually’.

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Kind of with @ttf regarding Kermode. I like him but he has some really odd axes he likes to grind and/or stars he will always forgive.

As a result I don’t really warm to him any more than Claudia Winkleman. As stated by @roastthemonaspit Danny Leigh was a genuinely great presenter for the show.

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Winkleman doesn’t dislike anything

Good enough for me.
Kermode :hearts: