BBC Music Best of 2017 so far

What do we think of this, friends?

No dutch block?!
I’m out


I’d like to be all snooty and say it’s a shit list. It’s surprisingly very good.

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My thoughts exactly.



Makes me think I probably need to listen to more new releases. Only listened to 3 of those.

A few omissions like Blanck Mass, Arca, Mount Eerie, King Gizzard…but overall fairly decent if you look at it as an “underrated albums” list. Those albums by Mac Demarco and Marika Hackman are pretty average though.

Didn’t know Sean was at BBC music now

Very 6music friendly list. Would loved them to have taken a bit of a risk and put Laurel Halo, Forest Swords and Kelly lee Owens on there too.

To be fair, 6music will play a fair amount of electronic music, just not enough it seems

am I on there?


Woah, woah, woah. MDM’s album is a very solid effort imo.

Maybe it’ll grow on me…been listening to him a lot recently prior to End of the Road and currently Salad Days, 2 and Another One have grabbed me more.

Yeah. DiS was becoming increasingly a struggle so I did a few weeks consultancy work for 6 Music in November and am still there.

Tried to get Kelly Lee Owens on the list. It got a mention though.

Fair play. Good luck to you :slight_smile:

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Some good stuff on the list from what I saw.

Stopped scrolling after Songhoy Blues and Sleaford Mods though. The huge stalk on 6Music gets for certain acts has put me off the station in the last year. I’m sure if I kept scrolling a Kate Tempest album would crop up - regardless of whether she’s had an album out in 2017.

Good shout on the Idles album, a cracker that.

Woah, this is meaty - nice!

WELL Thundercat is on it, so it’s def better than the DiS one

You had one album left to go :joy:

AND it was alphabetical


Not bad actually. Kendrick, Jane Weaver and Sylvan Esso, I agree 100%.

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