BBC News have literally got a video up about a man making his own lunch



What a revelation

What's with all the pointless articles on the BBC nowadays?
Things that are very much worth a bit of extra effort

wait is this satire? surely


I saw this the other day. That shit is for realz! I had no idea you could get food like that from shops.



These sandwiches are all the fucking same. Ham and cheese.




Different bread though! That introduces sufficient variety for this weapon, obviously. He’s the envy of his colleagues.


£1.90 a day on a homemade sandwich is a terrible effort. Should be sub £1.




^this, can do a week of full lunches for me and the television and get change from a tenner, and they’re better than this shit


Made a thread about the standard of the BBC news website a few months back, it seems to be in complete freefall these days.


I’m interested


That’s impressively awful from start to finish.


Good hack this tbf


BBC News has gone so far down the shitter its actually impressive




‘pioneering method’

Don’t get this. Either it’s beyond fucking idiotic, or it’s satire…but if it’s the latter then…well, what is it going for exactly? and why is it on the BBC news website?


The home page of the BBC website is just clickbait.

Shitty clickbait about unimportant shitty stuff like some witless oik revolutionising sandwich eating by making his own or Beyoncé eating a cookie shaped like an angel (or was it more fairy shaped?!).


Shit like this is the reason old people vote brexit and Tory and place ever increasing demands on public services. This is why they hate us.


You can customise it to get rid of the clickbaity garbage.