BBC News Observation

Love how the only conceivable end to bitterness came in the form of a sorely under-represented shift to the right
Honestly liberals deserve every ounce of derision they ever receive, just the worst hypocrites from absolutely all angles


This is the 1st time since the election I have seen anything from Kuenssberg glad to see she still hasn’t been on that social media course.

As usual she is still terrible.


They’ve got arsehole after arsehole coming on to do interviews about how fantastic Boris Johnson is because the twat has been hospitalised.


who changed the title

noticed this. the 24 hour a day speculation on the sort of treatment he’ll be receiving is a bit…embarrassing.

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Maybe ‘Fuck the BBC current affairs coverage’ would have been the more accurate title. Less snappy, though.

Going back further, the OP links to an OldDiS thread I started in 2013. Which in turn was inspired by a thread about some shithouse sub-Channel 5 programs about benefits, fronted by a pair of Alan Sugar’s lackeys.

Just wanted to clarify that it’s not across-the-board disdain. I did, after all, start the BBC Three Appreciation Thread.

Wt actual f


A rare glimmer of hope


Kept waiting for the 'that’s what Professor Expert said today during… " to land and it never did.

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Is this person for real with stopping socialism = saving lives? (Is this a joke and what I’m going to say next be me falling for it?)

Where’s this threat of socialism coming from that they’re so threatened they need to put it in their twitter name? So strange. Oh well there’ll be unemployed soon.


Omg god. Not even gonna delete that. Just got in from my bike ride and I’m Anyway. They’ll still be out of a job soon lol.


I’m never going near journalism twitter again.


I read it that way too to start with tbf


Thank you x

The bigger question is why even bother buying grease proof paper when you having nothing to put on it?


a good and worthy speech but makes me wonder why she spent the last few years rolling her eyes and looking incredulous during every interview with a Labour MP


I have An Opinion:

The reason so many jurnos shout about abuse on twitter is because they never realised the publicc didn’t think of them as quixotic heroes, but as liars and charlatans.

They can’t deal with any criticism so immediately revert to the facistic position of saying their critics are the real threat

think its just a profession that has just attracted more narcissists as time has gone on tbh, for various reasons. I guess since news is consumed so quickly nowadays, they think there’s not much emphasis on impartiality, accuracy and credibility. more to do with building your own brand now that social media is a thing.


wasn’t there a screenshot of peston on a video conference call with loads of peston branding around him or something? just take a step back and see how fucking absurd that is.