BBC News Observation

Due to the ethics instilled in me from working at the BBC, I don’t feel comfortable censoring the title of this thread.

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I don’t think asking for a reasonable toning down of aggressive language is censorship but ok :smiley:

Changing the meaning or intent of something would probably be sackable. And cause the flag-shaggers to lose their shit and cut up their face masks.

Sean please don’t sack yourself from DiS

I wish I could. The desire to just delete the whole website gets stronger and stronger tbqh.


I don’t have a moral objection to the thread title but I sometimes worry about opening it on my work computer I suppose.

Also it’s already been changed once from simply ‘Fuck the BBC’

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I don’t have a moral objection to the thread title either but I think it’s a bit cheeky given people know Sean works there

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Yeah that hadn’t occurred to me really

I don’t think he does now.

(and he wasn’t part of the News section)

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Curious as to why the Guardian thread (for a paper which is substantially more holier than thou than the BBC) doesn’t have an offensive prefix, but the BBC thread does. I’d be happier (for the NSFW etc and sentiment) for the thread title to be less offensive. It’s not like we have equivalent **** the Daily Mail threads is it? If anything, you could believe from the thread titles that this forum is against the more moderate news sources we have to read. And if by writing this I’m going to be hammered by someone, I’m not going to engage with it.

PS I’ll also be one of many seriously cheesed off DiSers who wouldn’t want the overwhelmingly positive music boards killed off by the social / new other boards.

My role meant regularly interacting with about 20 or more people who worked in news and I wasn’t aware of this thread.

In my new job working for Max Richter and advocating for various different causes (particularly trying to help musicians get post brexit visas), I am regularly dealing with BBC News too. Plus I have friends who still do work directly for BBC News.

I’d prefer something less blunt but I also think it’s quite clear that I don’t fill this thread with critique of my former colleagues.


I made that thread. “Guardian” was just something that was said about the more light hearted nonsense they put out and that’s what I made the thread to share originally, but it became more serious (or talking about Adrian Chiles). Wouldn’t care if it became “fuck the Guardian”.

I think the title was started as an expression of frustration with what is meant to be a better quality news service. When it fails, it’s qualitatively different to the Mail, because no one has expectations for the Mail to be fair or accurate.

NB I have no issues with the thread title changing, but I understand why it was called what it was


Absolutely, and it’s the sanctimonious way they preach about a lot of issues (like climate change) while at the same time advocating flying all over the globe on fancy holidays (admittedly, at present due to Covid it has a UK focus, but it should probably keep that post-pandemic). It’s a have cake and eat it approach to morality.

If you’ve ever worked at a big sprawling company you’ll be aware how hard any groupthink is and that there is no “they”

Of course the BBC is going to be hypocritical because it’s so big and does so many things and is mostly full of small silos.

My positive coverage of Lizzo when I worked on Glastonbury was questionable and I had to justify it (and luckily had the ridiculous stats to back it up as several posts went viral and were shared by Lizzo herself). I’m sure it’s similar in news when someone has done a thing, especially on a live broadcast.

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I thought that was in relation to the guardian but maybe I read it wrong

Really don’t think a thread expressing disappointment and anger at the state news broadcaster repeatedly and unabashedly peddling racist, sexist, classist, transphobic, etc. content is remotely comparable to the the “culture wars” attacks on the BBC tbh.


Yep, it was in relation to the Guardian (not the BBC). I’m still grateful for the BBC (one of my old uni mates is a producer on Today) and for all its faults, I still think we’re lucky to have it. Glad that the process to select the chair of Ofcom is being restarted as I’m sure things would have deteriorated further with him.

I have worked in large and very large organisations and left to set up on my own, precisely because of large company mentality

I just think possibly more consideration could be given to a member of the community who has put a lot into the site, including his own money

(I’ve never been a fan of the BBC and didn’t buy a licence for years but I wouldn’t want the right wingers who attack the BBC because they think it’s left wing (!!) to think they have my support at all)

I don’t think the main thrust of people on here’s issue with the beeb or guardian is to do with them being holier than thou as such. Its more to do with what @FKA_Adam_Jeffson says.