BBC News Observation

This is terrible framing and reporting. There’s very little context-setting and selective comparisons have been made throughout

I’ve tried to avoid this thread due to being very proud of working at the BBC for the last few years and we’ll aware how much people hate it from being on the receiving end of the culture wars and Defund campaign for most the last 2-3 years.

Anyway, I’ll leave this here

Presumably JO’B will be resigning from his job as his employer and co-workers are some of the worst institutions and people for what he is criticising.

Nicholas Watt is a victim of the consequences of the kind of surface-level, right-leaning journalism that he and much of the rest of the press and broadcast media are responsible for.

Seeing other journalists throw their arms up about this, having spent five years whipping people into a frenzy and calling anyone on the left ‘traitors’ is pretty calling, tbh.


He was far more outspoken for far longer about Farage tbf

And yet he did everything in his power to prevent the only credible block to Farage and Brexit from materialising.


Nobody was forcing him to work alongside him, but he did so for 3 years.

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I think, given I worked at the same station as people like Liz Kershaw, you could say the same about me. Should I have quit my job?

That doesn’t take into account the different power structures, platforms and profiles that apply to your and JO’B’s situation.


There’s a massive difference between the two situations, which @marckee covered pretty well, but also: if you were a fellow DJ and Tommy Robinson was hired, then I would expect you and other DJs to protest, and if the hire wasn’t overturned, I would hope - not expect, but hope - that you would quit in such circumstances.

That said, it’s entirely a hypothetical situation, so :man_shrugging:

I think you’d be well within your rights to ask if the thread title be changed tbh. I have friends who are BBC journalists and do find the title of the thread a bit much too. Yes, the BBC is pretty compromised editorially and is poorly governed (and always has been) but many journalists and other workers there are facing hostile conditions and trying to maintain their professional integrity.

(I also can’t stand James OB)


Due to the ethics instilled in me from working at the BBC, I don’t feel comfortable censoring the title of this thread.

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I don’t think asking for a reasonable toning down of aggressive language is censorship but ok :smiley:

Changing the meaning or intent of something would probably be sackable. And cause the flag-shaggers to lose their shit and cut up their face masks.

Sean please don’t sack yourself from DiS

I wish I could. The desire to just delete the whole website gets stronger and stronger tbqh.


I don’t have a moral objection to the thread title but I sometimes worry about opening it on my work computer I suppose.

Also it’s already been changed once from simply ‘Fuck the BBC’

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I don’t have a moral objection to the thread title either but I think it’s a bit cheeky given people know Sean works there

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Yeah that hadn’t occurred to me really

I don’t think he does now.

(and he wasn’t part of the News section)

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Curious as to why the Guardian thread (for a paper which is substantially more holier than thou than the BBC) doesn’t have an offensive prefix, but the BBC thread does. I’d be happier (for the NSFW etc and sentiment) for the thread title to be less offensive. It’s not like we have equivalent **** the Daily Mail threads is it? If anything, you could believe from the thread titles that this forum is against the more moderate news sources we have to read. And if by writing this I’m going to be hammered by someone, I’m not going to engage with it.

PS I’ll also be one of many seriously cheesed off DiSers who wouldn’t want the overwhelmingly positive music boards killed off by the social / new other boards.