BBC News Observation

I don’t think the main thrust of people on here’s issue with the beeb or guardian is to do with them being holier than thou as such. Its more to do with what @FKA_Adam_Jeffson says.

I thought I’d read it as they’d restarted the process because he didn’t get the job, with the hope he does get it on a second attempt. That was probably in the Guardian.

I don’t think it needs to be called Fuck the BBC News to serve the same purpose.


Yeah might just be me being sensitive but I just don’t think it’s necessary and could be misconstrued as abusive/hostile to journalists when that’s not intended.


change the thread title to this


Yup. I don’t know how long Sean worked there, but the origins of the thread possibly/probably go back to a time before Sean started there. The relevant info is in the OP, but seeing as old DiS has been stripped bare we’re relying on the wayback machine to be sure.

The thread title was changed, in response to an upthread discussion (see here), to make explicit that this isn’t about the BBC as a whole (where much of the BBCs entertainment output is accused of being too left wing), it’s…


The expletive being there because, as noted, in comparison,

and this was intended from the start to catalogue stuff rather more akin to the Fuck The Police thread than the low-level eyerolling at the Guardian that was going on in that thread in its early days.

DiS convention to date has been that the threads aren’t renamed without checking in with the thread starter first, yeah? :wave:

I don’t think the current title is particularly off, for the reasons just explained. But I’m not particularly wedded to it in its exact current format, either. And I acknowledge that there’s room and reason for differentiation between the Police thread and this one. If only because

So I’ve changed it again. With the notion that it’s in the spirit of the Mass Observation project where ordinary people logged things seen from their perspective, which would later, collectively, prove to be a valuable record.


Very helpful summary of the thread which avoids the need for TL;DR. Clear what this is aimed at, and why, and the change of thread title (while less rage-y) makes it a little easier to engage with!

I like the sentiment, if not the articulation of this New European article:

4 and a half years.

I’ve added an F’in as a compromise.


No thank you. It’s now superfluous. (And did the Rogue One thread teach us nothing?)

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So are we saying that intimidation and abuse by an angry mob is somehow indirectly his fault, because that’s what his employer encouraged all this time, or something (many citations needed)? There are loads of other threads here which call out such disgusting behaviour for exactly what it is, and rightly so. I don’t know much about him but he was just man and I don’t want to live in a society where that kind of treatment of journalists is seen as okay. Notable that the lack of police response to such mob rule behaviour didn’t make it to the Fuck The Police thread. The mental gymnastics to hold these various lines simultaneously must be hard work.

No I think people are saying that the general outcry from the media class is somewhat hard to bear when the media have basically created a fake country that allows the right wing to flourish

I didn’t really see the media outcry, I don’t really like reading that self-serving shit either, I was only reacting to seeing the video and the replies to Sean’s message.

You should reply to whoever you have an issue with rather than screaming into the void


I’m replying to you. Im not screaming and there’s no void.

It is on the fuck the police thread.

I stand corrected, it wasn’t when I last looked.

Minor title edit to ‘observation’, because ‘observance’ has connotations of deference, so didn’t really mean what I was going for. Sorry for the faff.

Let’s hope Sean doesn’t have any friends who are cops…


There are people on here do have friends who are cops and they have pointed out the thread does not sit well with them because of it.

Personally I don’t think the situations are comparable to the point of renaming the police thread, though I appreciate some will.

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