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I wasn’t questioning the UK bit, just the word people (haven’t actually read the article so no idea exactly which groups of people are actually included in the rule changes)

This is amazing


Positives: Our corporate overlords might be able to squeeze a tiny bit more juice out of the planet before they drown in shit like the rest of us. Fuck you, children.

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“new tourist destinations becoming available”


Huddersfield by the sea


Both sidesing climate catastrophe?! They’ve outdone themselves here


I was going to say. Very little surprises me with the BBC these days but this is something else.


some animals and plants could benefit and flourish in a changing climate


This is one of the worst things I’ve seen in a while. Just the most mundane way of dismissing the heat death of the planet and the suffering of future generations by a ‘respected’ organisation. It doesn’t fucking matter if they change it - The fact someone thought this was worth writing in the first place is horrific.

Depressing question: Does it actually reflect the curriculum?

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Looking through the replies. Yes it does for eduqas.

The aqa one is completely different Impacts of climate change - Climate change - AQA - GCSE Geography Revision - AQA - BBC Bitesize

Really says something that both exam boards see the closure of ski resorts as one of the climate emergency’s greatest consequences


really think so much of British identity and the way we relate to the rest of the world is about going on holiday… like other countries aren’t really countries, they are holiday destinations (and their worth can be ranked in terms of how good they are for going on holiday to).



came here to post about this. I’m astonished this is happening, and I’m generally a very stonish person on this stuff.

If you can’t handle the Chinese Communist Party at its worst, you don’t deserve it at its best

“New shipping routes will become available” ahahaha, yeah it’ll be so much easier to ship goods around the world when half the countries are underwater, i for one cannot wait for this exciting trading opportunity


“accidents on the roads in winter could be less likely to occur”

true, can’t have accidents on the road when everyone is dead


That jumped out at me as one that’s probably easy to debunk with about 30 seconds of research.

Less wet/icy weather, is presumably the premise? But my hunch is that bad weather is only tenuously or marginally a direct reason for the vast majority of road accidents.

There’s already roads crumbling to pieces in America, right now

Ok. That was easy enough to find.

“Slippery road due to weather” + “Vision affected by rain, sleet, snow, fog or dazzling sun” = contributory factors (so not necessarily the sole cause) in approx 10% of reported accidents. Fatalities are around half that.

And the Bitesize thing mentions domestic holidaying opportunities due to drier summers. My understanding was that summers are liable to become warmer but also wetter.

Just a load of bollox innit.