BBC News Observation

Not BBC news but Countryfile giving a load of time to an anti windfarm prat in Norfolk.

Oi. :wink:

And yup.

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I bet the centrist dad feds them with bread too, “I know it’s bad for them but I don’t want my kids to miss out on feeding them”


Only after means-testing them first.

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…the issues that matter to people beyond the corridors of power.

is just a phrase that chills me. I mean obviously it should mean amplifying stuff like Trans rights and destruction of the environment but actually we know it just means pandering to racists, TERFs and misogynists.

The BBC Scotland page illustrating both their “restrictions easing” and “Level 0” articles with pictures of younger women in jean shorts and crop tops. On one hand, totally normal outfits that 1000s of people wear over summer so why not, the outfits are hardly noteworthy in themselves. But it also feels like they could have gone a different direction quite easily … just both articles doing it back-to-back raised an eyebrow slightly

I guess there is a public interest defence for this programme, but surely not with a presenter with such a conflict of interest

He probably wouldn’t do it unless there was someone bowling underarm soft balls to him.

Just to note, that everyone I know in Norfolk is pro-wind, and none of us mind seeing them off the coast at all when we go to the beach (even from our favourite beauty spots). The proposed cable for Vanguard (the one he campaigned against) will go through the field in front of my house (I will be able to see them working on it). To my knowledge, the farming communities aren’t particularly bothered as the works will be temporary.

This guy is a total nimby who has absolutely no idea what he is talking about. Norfolk will not be ‘sliced up like a pizza’.


I assumed he was a lone NIMBLY bellend. Which makes his platforming even worse. Even if they did show the other side of things.

Thankfully his arguments were completely nonsensical (“They’re worried about climate change but digging up this field makes climate change worse in the short term”…)

Would need a massive pair of scissors, for starters.



You should only watch Countryfile for the baa lambs, John Craven and the long weather forecast and realise that the rest of it is a programme for farmers.


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Is it Free Dom day today?


Kept waiting for them to turn those evil looking death ray guns on, but they never did!


This article is amazing, feels like it’s been written by an algorithm that’s been fed nothing but local news stories.

The last line is truly spectacular:

Maybe those gulls are going to face a future of silicon chips, as well as the salt and vinegar variety.


They changed it!

Could it be that the unexpected opportunities afforded by the pandemic will see flocks of a different sort descend on the town?

Such political


“my dog”