BBC news

The website has been going downhill for a while, but it seems to have aggressively accelerated over the last few months - there’s a “six reasons we still love Kurt Cobain” article on there just now.

Surely the point in being publicly funded is to be able to avoid that shit?

Lee Ryan’s in Easties!

we’re all buzzfeed now

I know, only 6!!

Mate, I’ve been saying the BBC is shit for years.

I’ve noticed this a lot recently. The first two items may constitute what is normally referred to as ‘news’, but the next five or six pieces are often the equivalent of the skateboarding duck before the final credits on News at Ten.

It seems to be a purposeful attempt to dumb down and replace anything difficult with nonsense.

I get that the news is often depressing, but it’s the bloody news and not the Beano.

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If it’s what the people want though…

These days the point of being publicly funded is to make sure that you remain competitive against commercial news organisations. Therefore the BBC will always seek to adapt to the way its audience consumes media from other sources. If, these days, it means more listicles and clickbait headlines then so be it.

Remain competitive at what, though?

Readership numbers.

wish the bbc would stop chasing the numbers and focus on quality, that’s supposed to be what sets them apart from commercial organisations

It’s just what Reith envisioned.

I don’t think the BBC’s news content in general is in opposition to the Reithian Trinity or whatever. But when Lord Reith created the BBC he didn’t do so in a climate of the BBC needing to ‘compete’ against commercial broadcasters and with a coalition of politicians who deem the BBC’s ‘success’ against said commercial broadcasters as a pre-condition of its existence.

As with everything I think on balance the BBC does a decent job in tough circumstances.

A duck that skateboards? Is this real?

Very much so

This was the second main story a few weeks ago. The picture even had a red circle on it like the pics for those shitty clickbait ads you get at the bottom of articles :frowning:

I like the quiz of the week on fridays

the tories are making the bbc do shit news

It’s the chummy tone, cowcow. I think that’s what’s putting me off.