BBC Pay - Daily Mail Reader Outrage Edition



Published today. Can’t be arsed to cut and paste the whole thing but C Evans is way ahead of the rest with upwards of £2.2M



Shearer will be disappointed with that




can’t believe Grimmy commands that kind of wage


Is the there any reason this is news other than the commercial sector wanting to crush the BBC?


also Charlie from Casualty is top earner - 300,000 odd for doing the same expression an d pushing people on trollies. Easy money isn’t it?


Moira Stewart must have a terrible agent. She should be in the big leagues given her years of service.


The man was whittled from the finest british oak trees.


You always get screwed if you stay in a job too long.


It takes a lot of skill to say something to someone, while looking at someone else.


Also Lauren Laverne earns twice as much as Shaun Keaveny


A world that John Inverdale can take home upwards of £200k is not a world I wish to live in.

I trust that other broadcasters will be following suit and publishing their high end salary information to give the whole picture yes?


hilarious that Lamacq isn’t even on the list. Bit sad that Radcliffe clearly earns a shit load more than Maconie, despite being the shittier of the two.


Left a decade ago and came back to a lesser role, innit. I also recall a fuss a bit before that about her being moved from a major slot along with ageism/sexism.


Huw Edwards respectfully disagrees from his platinum mansion in the Welsh valleys.


I can’t believe how irritated I am that Mark Radcliffe makes so much money.


She does other radio stuff I guess, and TV - would her Glastonbury bits etc be counted here?


And yet she probably does about 3 times the work for the BBC :frowning:


yeah the Laverne figure was a bit of an eye-widener.