BBC Radio 8



Radio 7 became 4 Extra, which is a terrible use of number conventions, but what music should Radio 8 play?


no it didn’t


Alright captain accuracy I’ve edited it


but to answer your question:

808 State


NEVER 18 Wheeler though


Radio H8: The nastiest, most misanthropic harcore/black metal/doom known to man
Radio K8: Bush, Rusby, Nash, probably some others
Radio D8: Only the best seduction tracks
Radio Gr8: Just the best stuff. The absolute best.
Radio Sl8: Classic rock, obvs
Radio L8: All the listings are published so it’s always running half an hour behind schedule
Radio B8: I dunno, songs about fishing? I haven’t thought this one through


Radio M8s: @saps and a woodlouse chatting shit


BBC Radio Disintegration St8

Help me pay student fees and tha


Radio Sk8

Bad 90s/early 00s pop punk


Radio BB8: music for droids. bleeps and bloops all day, every day.


Radio, M8 - a loop of a pally voice telling you’re listening to the radio.


It could be Radio 4+4, so it’s all talk and plays, but a lot more niche.

Or it could be Radio 3+5, so sports and opera.

Or it could be Radio 2+6, so… I don’t know, what would that involve?


Radio DV8: a break from the norm


Pure unadultered unedited shipping forecasts


Radio FR8?


BBC Radio 69

just a whole host of presenters coming in to say “nice”

also intermittent news and weather, natch


Just this on repeat.


BBC M8y M8y Bosstones?