BBC Radio Stings

These haven’t changed in at least 20 years

Female announcer : “Craig Charles afternoon show” (echoey version of the same speech but recorded down a telephone repeated into infinity)
Craig Charles : “Let’s have it! Making your commute the funkiest it can be!”
Cold, dead male announcer voice: “on BBC …6 music…music…music”

Come on lads, sort it out


Woo! Gary Davies!
Woo! Gary Davies!
Woo! Gary Davies on your ray-di-o!

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Bbbb bbbbb ccccc radio 2

Popppp masssstttter (best one)

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I seem to remember one that was

Gah-reee CROWLeeeeeeeeee

with big guitars in the background, but that might have been a Capital Radio one.

the radio one breakfast show jingle at the beginning is gross, big woah oh oh synth crescendo thing, then basic arse announcer going “radio one breakfast with greg james”. load of shit

The days when they’d get the session bands to sing Whiley and Lamacq’s jingles

Also I remember 2CR FM (the old South coast radio) used to say “NO RAP! LESS CHAT!” every 30 minutes :grimacing::grimacing:

  • Radio City 96.7
  • 97.4 Rock FM

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