BBC to appoint Jess Brammer vs Jacob Rees Mogg & Tory media

It’s interesting that this story pops up days after guido’s “expose” of some social posts which showed some symptoms of empathy from the former editor of Huffington Post and producer or Newsnight (keeping in mind several former Newsnight producers have gone on to work for Theresa May and presenters like Allegra Stratton became Boris’ press secretary) (not forgetting that the nee BBC DG was a Tory councillor and until recently Andrew Neil straddled the BBC whilst editing right wing newspapers and going on to set up GBeebies)

This follows Mr “Grenfell dead should have used their common sense and ignored the authorities” Rees-Mogg

Jacob Rees-Mogg: BBC risks reputation if it names ‘Left-wing’ journalist as news chief

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Any other seemingly unrelated connections to this story?

Pretty much, this: