BBC's top talent having to disclose their salaries


just a way of undermining the BBC by allowing endless frothy-mouthed Sun headlines about the ridiculous amount their presenters earn, despite it (almost certainly) being massively lower than their itv & sky equivalents?





Pay accountability isn’t worth anything unless it’s put in context by comparing it to other people in equivalent roles.

(Same applies to local council chief executives and civil servants etc)


no u


yeah ^this. Would be like revealing Swansea’s player wages, getting really worked up about Mo Barrow earning £10,000 a week, and allowing Man Utd, Chelsea & Man City to keep theirs confidential


there was a moment in this week’s Kermode and Mayo show where a reader wrote in saying they’d sat next to (i think) Raheem Stirling, and off handedly said he was on £200k a week, to which Kermode thought that was a) a joke and b) was speechless with incredulity.


Glad to see that word of the day toilet paper Secret Santa gift is finally paying off.


Dunno mate, I just use plain Andrex.

  1. outrage at how much some people earn.

  2. actually that’s ok because their show makes the beeb a fortune

  3. wait a minute. you mean the bbc is like any commercial broadcaster?

  4. scrap the license fee!


Hey, we’re mad about GBBO too, but there’s always Question Time.


how much did they get for that new york documentary


I don’t get really worked up about football wages. Like it’s ridiculous obviously, but the clubs are going to make the money either way, and I’d rather more of it goes to the players than owners. Wish more was re-routed to grassroots football and ticket prices were capped but not going to blame the players for that




So that’s why all the questions seem to be from Kippers and about immigration…


It is broadcast live though isn’t it?


It is different as it is paid by US. But yeah, it is mainly so they can pour scorn on x person who the Sun disapproves of getting x thousand of OUR money.


Usually recorded earlier that evening, not broadcast in realtime.


Surely people on Sky are ITV are paid by us in a roundabout way as well though.


109 TV and radio presenters, according to the graun


Jeez, nobody tell him how much big Hollywood stars earn, he might just explode with shock