BBQ and BBQ Accessories Thread, rolling/smoking

Oh yes. The summer! It is possibly here.

I live for BBQ chat. I just bought a new charcoal one arriving this morning with various dumb add-ons. Toying with getting a gas one as a bonus. Got a brand new BBQ recipes book coming. Might go full insane and get a smoker?

Tell me of your best recipes. Tell me of your BBQing joys and woes.

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last year I bought a BBQ cheap enough that not cleaning and putting it away in the garage felt like an acceptable option to me. Now I have no BBQ, just a couple of disposable ones


You def have to be OCD about BBQ cleaning if you’re getting anything substantial, agreed. Went to a pals house on sunday and his was so greasy it made me wincet

Nice little tip for cleaning the metal grill. Once done, chuck it on the grass overnight. The dew helps makes cleaning it so much easier.


I’d like to get a huge BBQ with a smoker bit attached but I’m skint so I won’t. My tiny barrel BBQ is gonna have to last another summer. Which, in South Wales, it almost certainly will. Not much opportunity for cooking al fresco.

Only in this thread because I’m not watching Game of Thrones and I haven’t seen Endgame yet tbh.

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I gots me this fella here

with chicken roasting and pizza stone attachments! :smiley:

My parents turned to ours at the weekend with 4 BBQs. We used 3 of them. Got them this for Christmas, which is perfect for camping. Folds up small and a decent size for a small BBQ.

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the portable ones are amaze. saw a couple that made me want to have ‘a bonus bbq for the car’.

the fella above can fit a ‘fire butler’ which can give you a 10-hour smoke out of it :drooling_face:

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I used to carry a disposable one in my car just for emergencies but I guess I had an emergency and didn’t replace it.

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I’m not sure which I like more - the added benefit of a smoker in a kettle BBQ or the phrase, ‘fire butler.’

On reflection it’s definitely fire butler.

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like to think all aussies also do this. like an emergency barbie in case you’re caught short

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I just bought a posh bbq after a few summers of shitey 30 quid kettle style ones that only last a couple of months.

Feels good

Outback omega 200 I think,

which? Told me to buy it.

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Fucking love bbqs and bbq chat. Here’s my set up.

The mat is a new addition this year to protect the decking. Also the Weber starter thing to the left is brilliant. Can use it to top up the bbq with red hot briquettes midway through cooking no bother.

Been thinking about getting a smoker but not sure how much I’d use it.

RE Cadac thing. We got the cheaper Campinggaz equivalent last year. GoOutdoors do a price match - 10% so when it went on sale at Amazon for £120 we went and picked one up for just over £100. Sometimes I just use that in the garden for cooking a chilli or curry outside in the summer.

This is the badger:

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Been managing on lidl instant light charcoal bags so far this summer.

Gonna invest in a chimney and some posh charcoal soon though (fuck briquettes, am I right?)

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last year i tried to cook some sausages on a disposable BBQ and they rolled off and landed on the floor. aim is to do better than that this year.


I bought a big webber kettle thing last year

I’m not sure I agree with the cleaning shizz - just scrape the grill with the cleaning scraper thing when it’s nice and hot (before you put your food on obviously)

Having said that mine’s been under it’s cover in the garden thing all winter and might have a new species living in it by now. Daren’t look to be honest

I experimented a bit with cooking stuff beyond sausages and burgers last year - lid on, coals to one side etc. Mixed results, fucked it a couple of time - BBQ not hot enough due to lid opening or whatever, got a second bucket BBQ for this year so I can cook veggie stuff on that and do meat under the lid. Also gave some thought to getting some of those meat thermometer things. Maybe that’s a step too far - but opening the lid to check on stuff seemed to have much worse consequences compared to opening the oven to check on a roast

One of those fast start chimney things is an absolute no brainer

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Had to properly hose mine down in April. It was absolutely grim.

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username checks out


Really really want-

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