BBQ and BBQ Accessories Thread, rolling/smoking

finally someone has made something that makes more sense than any other product on earth


just checked on mine

Bit of mouldy shit on the grill - but nothing that can’t be killed with fire and scraping

also a snail is living in it. I will relocate him before I unleash the power of my righteous anger

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Indeed, although I would draw a line at the medium one. Nobody needs the large trailer. OTT.

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Did ours with the pressure washer a few weeks ago- came up not bad, plus what harm’s a bit of old carbon anyway?

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Have a Weber. Don’t use it for anything particularly fancy like some of my mates. I think it’s something I could easily get sucked into though.

Know it’s not a BBQ, but bought an Uuni pizza oven the other week and that’s great fun. Might give my outdoor cooking a shot in the arm and get me using the Weber more.

Game changer.


weber know what they’re doing with selling now - i got a chicken roaster accessory free, which automatically made me start looking at the OTHER accessories. gonna basically cook everything in my damn bbq. smoking salmonnnnn

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Anyone have any good BBQ cleaning tips? Would those cleaner bags for normal ovens work?

I have finally found my people. BBQ’ing is a way of life for me. I will send a picture of my smoker when I get home later today. But it comes equipped with a sausage rack on the side, enough space to roast a 100 pound pig, wood fed. Also has a trailer hitch for easy transport, although one of my tires is getting flat. I do a lot of grilling for friends and family.


YES. quality content. “I do a lot of grilling for friends and family” is the sort of US-only statement that i want hooked up to my veins

i’ve spent too much time in north carolina and basically have visions of a full outdoor kitchen


trying to work out how that chicken roaster works - do you stick it up the chickens arse, like beer can chicken?

I’m wondering if I could save £40 and use a beer can and a cheap roasting tin?

@colossalhorse if you learn to make seasoning salts you could do whole hot sauce bbq packs

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you literally do that, yes, and the tray around the outside is for chucking in roast veggies mid-cook.

i guess the only thing about a beer can is stability. the fitting for the MT allows you to balance the chicken without it tipping over mid BBQ i think?

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I do make my own spice rubs fairly often y’know. You could be on to something here.


i would love a pack containing

salts for seasoning
hot sauce
non-hot bbq sauce for my little crybaby pals

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This is a complete myth and should never be tried imo. A complete waste of beer. Once you plug the can up the bottom part of the chicken, most of the chicken is not even effecting by the “beer can steam” that comes out of the top. Beer won’t percolate out the metal sides of a can either. Beer can chicken is pretty much some drunken American redneck that thought it was funny to try, then ate some rotisserie chicken with a beer can in it and thought it was delicious.


Neil you’re killing me with your sudden fervoured contribution to this thread , I love it.

What’s the longest slow-cook you’ve ever done?

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this feels like expert knowledge

Do you cook whole chicks in the BBQ and if so what’s your method?

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Last summer I made about a dozen different varieties of BBQ sauce in search of The One. I didn’t quite get there but I did get a few recipes for quality contenders out of it that I’d be happy slapping my name on.

I’m definitely gonna ponder this. I’ll send you a tester pack if I come up with a solid plan.

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Love it. I am a shameless marketer so would be proud to have sired such a concept

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