BBQ and BBQ Accessories Thread, rolling/smoking


This is true. Took a picture of this last week, because gf thinks it’s ratty and disgusting when she was doing the laundry (to her credit I think I’ve cooked in it for 8 years) and almost threw it out. I had a tantrum and still have it. But pic in case the end is coming soon. :rofl:


After much faff, I have found the best jerk chicken is just marinaded overnight in pre-bought seasoning (Dunns river, the stuff in a jar), roasted in the oven on very low to cook it through for about an hour, then blasted on the bbq with lid on to smoke and char and crisp up a bit. I had previously been grinding up spices, doing it all on the bbq and overthinking it a bit too much but I feel a lot more free now. Guaranteed flavour and juicy chicken every time.

I still can’t get halloumi right. Always just tastes burnt and dries out. I’m going to do a lot more whole prawns this year, that is my next challenge to get perfect.


yeah i’m fucking hyped about crisping chicken on the bbq


1st BBQ of 2019 is go

Impromptu, just a few sausages (with baked taties and salad)