BBQ flavoured things

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I do not understand the fuss, it’s just not good.


Are we talking BBQ sauce here? Or, like, BBQ flavour crisps?


Idk I don’t like either




BBQ sauce is great mate


I’d tolerate BBQ sauce on a pizza. But BBQ crisps: no thanks


@Ruffers: Nah it’s gross

@ccb: I absolutely would not :frowning:


Guys pringles though


Who the fuck eats pringles anymore


Oh I’m sorry, what’s good in scandinavia other than a worryingly-late banning of chemical castration and a ton of mustard herring these days?


Oh cause in Britain you literally only have Pringles and no decent crisps?


do you want a fucking fight m8?


BBQ crisps are the best. Very sad that Walkers stopped making theirs.

Honey BBQ is surely the King of the Kettle Chips flavours?

Will eat anything BBQ flavoured. Mmmmmmmm


ON A PIZZA???1???



The fuck is this?


they brought back Walkers barbecue crisps last year when they had a load of old flavours back again, was nice to see them back. haven’t had any of the new sandwich flavour ones though.

BBQ pringles are ace, big fan of the extra strong BBQ sauce pringles you can get too


Absolutely yes. Although sometimes a full pizza with BBQ sauce can be a bit much


BBQ sauce is alright. BBQ flavoured sundries are usually a bit naff.

A colleague had a bag of ‘BBQ Pulled Pork’ popcorn earlier. We all tried it. We all agreed it was a terrible idea


BBQ sauce on a pizza is ok, but i usually find by halfway through i wish i’d had a standard pizza instead.



Dominos: calm the heck down. Stop putting that much BBQ sauce on everything.