BBQ tips

got any? wrong time of the year, obviously - but this has just come into my head, and I’m definitely not gonna sit on it til next May or June

I like to pre-cook chicken on du bone in the oven first. probaly about 15-17 minutes. then stick it on the BBQ for the last 10 minutes.

net result - beautiful, succulent and perfectly cooked chicken

not much of a tip, but there we go.

Yoghurt, bit of ground fennel, bit of ground fenugreek seed, bit of ground coriander seed, load of black pepper. Great marinade for some chicken thighs.

yeah, I’m not on Meatbook, but I’d eat that…for sure

Knocked some up a couple of years back as my younger sister can’t eat chilli/spicy stuff so thought I’d throw her a bone while the rest of us enjoyed my superb tandoori chicken and spicy lamb kebabs and it turned out to actually be worth eating in and of itself!