Be grateful for Arctic Monkeys

There aren’t many bands that are this popular and put something as un-commercial but brilliant as Tranquility Base…

Its a massive shame that guitar music has been quashed by manufactured pop for the past 15 years or however long X Factor has been on. I can remember back in the 90s when there was a healthy amount of “real” music still knocking around. The members of Arctic Monkeys may be a bit boring but at least theyre creating decent music.

Proper haircuts

I think you meant to say My Vitriol

Not this fucking shit again.


My Vitriol are still creating music? Someone needs to tell Som!

School holidays have started, innit.

I think it’s quite nice that someone’s still fighting against the x factor in the name of real music. Like when you read about the Japanese soldiers who continued to fight world war 2 decades after it ended.


i mean One Direction have made songs a thousand times more interesting than Arctic Monkeys ever will

Trouble is though, when you’re at a roundabout there’s mote than just one direction.

I am grateful for the Arctic Monkeys making shitloads of money for Domino so Laurence can finance the next Pastels album/ Geographic release or whatever.

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Have a fucking word mate

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Not always…


Well what’ll you know, eh? Ain’t that a thing? I could continue asking questions but I’m not sure this is the appropriate place.

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Think they should save this as the title of their greatest hits album