Be honest

ironically, no posters whose avatars are their actual pics!

*Salford and Kent

Was briefly sure you were discobot

albert tatlock off corrie

looks pretty countryside alliance

If the boards went away forever tomorrow I would be

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  • Not fine

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needs a “promoted” option


I was very excited when I discovered it

very bored at work.


Fair enough, my filthy friend.

I would miss you all :cry:

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Before or after the selfie thread?

There’s a guy in the selfie threads with beautiful eyes and I always try and like his selfies if i can

aw thanks!


I can think of quite a few guys on DiS with beautiful eyes.

I think I know who he is actually talking about

So do I x5

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I’ve written an angry response to someone on here and then deleted it before posting

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There’s someone on here with five pairs of eyes?!?!?!