Be honest...

Do you ever think you’ll reach the point where you share an email address with your partner, or have a family email address?

Not judging, just interested.

The amount of queries I get at work from, say, smithfamily@ or seanandgemma@, etc, is fucking barmy.

I’ll allow ‘quite cute’ when it’s really old people who might have embraced technology after retirement, etc, fair play to 'em.

No serious responses please.

Have a family email address but not sure I’ve sent an email from it since 2011…

My partner and I have a shared email account for shared stuff x


Absolutely not, I am in the priesthood and therefore married to God


would quite like to take it weirder and do accounts with mates.


Not a shared email address, but we do have sort of “joint” accounts on various sites where it makes sense, where our ludicrously unsecure password is an in joke between us when we moved house, because it’s the only thing we can both remember.

no but I know her password and log in occasionally (just looking for receipts and stuff)

is that normal?

Ok. Let’s say that I went travelling with a mate when I was pretty young and say we had a joint email for the trip and say that we (I) wrote group emails to our mates in some sort of odd third person thing… would that be ok?

Because it definitely didn’t happen but say it had.


If she knows that you do that then 100% normal.

These timelines don’t add up to me.

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Well as I say it didn’t happen.

My partner has access to my email account because that’s what we use for all the insurance, gas and electric etc.

I use a separate email for my nob pills and grot subscriptions, like an adult.


We had a joint email address for wedding planning because we’re disgusting

erm, I think you may have lost my email address then


Probably not, personally #foreveralone

Got a joint email account for mortgage stuff, household bills etc.

Would never get one for personal use, that’s disgusting.

weird isn’t it. i bought a new tie and it barely had any rude cartoons on.

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I’ve asked Theo and Hatfood for their advice on the best wedding jumpers.

(it was those two wasn’t it?)

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Each to their own though, like having their salary paid into a joint account

When my children, Jemima and Charlie, are having very successful university careers or on their gap year, I’ll probably use it to send Christmas round robin letters to my less-successful family members.