Be the Wednesday Thread you want to see on the social board

Morning all. How are you?

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Morning CCB, feeling alright tbh, just doing some work. Got a food shop coming soon - will I make my deadline before it arrives? Only time will tell. How you doing?

Hello CCB, Shiggs

Had my second gig-going dream in as many nights last night. I miss gigs.

I need to start looking for a flatmate and I have no idea how that’s going to work in social distancing times.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Hey, I’m good thanks. Today is likely to be a lot quieter than yesterday - going to try to read some stuff for work that I’ve been putting off for a while. Will probably just end up getting sucked into talking about Super Furry Animals.

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My brain is fucked. Would give almost anything to have a break.

Morning all

Really need to start my assignment soon but I resent having to work all night after being with M all day. I’d like sleep at some point.

I really try to avoid the morning threads because all I do is complain :woozy_face: but I’ve got a lot to do, not enough time or energy to do it with and would also like to go out for some excercise but don’t want to get rained on and catch a cold


Today got off to a good start with the news that, unlike the last three occasions, the Sainsbury’s delivery we’ve arranged for my shielding mother-in-law will not include an inappropriate substitution for her Take A Break magazine.


Please don’t make me get out of bed D:

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:smiley: what have they been sending to your mother-in-law?!

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Got to go to Morrisons then clean the house. Might have a whole pack of Biscoffs for breakfast.







Once it was a more salacious version of Take a Break (Real People?) where everyone’s family was committing heinous acts with each other and there weren’t enough puzzles. Another time it was the Radio Times.


Few hours of work to do, will then call my ma as its her birthday, and then… No idea what I’ll do. Watch some Parts Unknown probs

To be fair: I remember the days when I used to subscribe to Match! magazine - I would have been incensed if they’d delivered Shoot instead.

(26 years I was)


morning everyone,

wife has severe toothache so we are now wondering what the fuck to do … worth the risk, i guess, to save a tooth i reckon. her smile is awesome, and she’s upset.

weather’s proper shitty today as well. fuck, forgot what it was really like when it is so terrible.

reckon you could animate a gif of every Hoogy HQ pic? would be nice.