🌊beach days🌊


Now the weather is nicer I really want to go to a few day trips to the beach (as close to London as possible by train). Any ideas? Really keen on Brighton as I like it a lot anyway even if the beach itself is a bit crap. Also West wittering is good but takes ages. Are any of the Kent beaches nice? Also let’s post some nice British seaside photos if you have any to hand :crab:

Beachyhead last summer


Hello JazzBazz, I don’t really like going to the beach anywhere let alone in Great Britain but I wish you all the best in this thread and here is a couple of photos of my dog when we buried him once:




Broadstairs has the nicest beach in Kent - nice and long and wide and sandy. Can surf there too if the conditions are right. Lovely town too.

If you don’t mind a stony beach then Whitstable is nice for a visit. Plenty good pubs and eating and it’s a quaint old place.

Margate is the new hipster spot of choice, and has a nice juxtaposition of the gentrified old town with the faded seaside glamour of Dreamland.


My god your poor carpets after that.




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He got a good hosing down (he never used to go in the sea on accounts of cowardice :heart:)


You should consider doing so as it is an erroneous post.


Brighton Beach is not crap

The pebbles are perfect for a UK hang on the beach - no sand to get in your bits and bobs




In Kent, Ramsgate, Broadstairs and Margate all have nice beaches. Travelling on the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch railway is an excellent way to spend a day (or even two).

Frinton and Walton on the Naze are both reachable by train from Liverpool St/Stratford pretty easily, and have great beaches.


Fucking deathtrap mate:


I do like pebbly beaches for that reason, but a sandy beache in the right weather is worth finding bits of sand a week later in your stuff


So basically, a tractor parked on the tracks?


Dunno mate but it was the talk of the town when I was back in Kent around the time that it happened


Family tradition on my wife’s side over May bank hol to go to Eype in Dorset (where they film Broadchurch). Took this photo last year, the weather was absolutely beautiful:


Ooh that’s just reminded me that they’ve started a new series of broadchurch (also, lovely photo!)


I went to Southend last Spring, absolutely loved it. Loved the pier, all the fish on sale, and it was dead cheap really. My boyfriend got really excited as there were loads of oysters washed up on the beach and he was able to crack them open there and then and eat them. After a bit of trepidation considering the massive power stations and pollution surrounding it, I tried some, and they were actually very nice. Wasn’t ill.

Would like to go to Margate this Spring/ Summer, I’ve heard the gallery is pretty good.


Big fan of Old Hunstanton on a sunny day: