Beach House 2022

21/05 Dublin, Ireland - The National Stadium
23/05 Glasgow, Scotland - Barrowland Ballroom
24/05 Manchester, England - Manchester Academy
26/05 London, England - O2 Academy Brixton


Oh how I wish that ltd edition record was on an EU store

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Oooooh I wish they were doing Birmingham

But they’re one of my favourite bands so I might have to do Manc

Probably going to do Manchester haven’t seen them since Islington Mill when was that 09?

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Barely listened to them since Teen Dream but might take an interest in this for old time’s sake.

Somehow completely missed that they had an album out in 2018, so that’ll be effectively a new album for me too. Think they’re a really consistent band, looking forward to seeing what this new one’s like.

Can’t think of a band less suited to Brixton Academy tbh, dunno whether Manchester will be any better. Could see them possibly coming back as a GM or EOTR headliner.

I thought 7 was their best album since Teen Dream for what it’s worth


Agreed I think they are all alright but 7 has been the best.

Really excited that this one seems to be carrying 7’s ambition to expand their sonic horizons


Are three month long four part album release plans now a thing?

7 is wonderful,

Feels like quite a big gap since the last record though, did wonder if they had moved on to new things.

Think this album will start at track 2 for me - but I really like the sound of the other three.

Depression Cherry is the only album I really enjoyed since the debut. I did like that they tried to mix things up a bit on 7 though. Sounded a bit Blonde Redhead in places

Chapter 1 is very very good so far. Basically think I’m going to listen to each chapter once when it comes out and then wait for the full release.

The added lushness really suits them well here. Reminds me a bit of Stereolab at some points

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Really enjoyed Chapter One on first listen. It feels more fluid and akin to 7 than say Bloom or Depression Cherry so far. Her vocals are just captivating. Might have to get to the Dublin show.

Despite having some really good singles and other moments I thought overall 7 sounded like they had run out of steam after 4 excellent albums. Really have not felt any kind of itch to go back to it after about the first 2 months since its release.

Bloom > Thank Your Lucky Stars > Teen Dream = Depression Cherry >>>>> 7 (but the gap between Bloom and Depression Cherry is only like 9/10 → 8/10. Those 4 albums are all really close)

Over and Over is amazing.

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