Beach Slang

New album is streaming here:

Got three songs in and had to put the Replacements on instead.

Absolutely loved the EPs. Not high art but songs like Filthy Luck are just undeniable. I got maybe…one song from the album proper. Have higher hopes for this but they seem to have very quickly lost their spark.

Yeah I really loved Cheap Thrills On A Dead End Street, especially Dirty Cigarettes. Haven’t really bothered with them since. I see they’ve covered Younger Us for a Polyvinyl compilation? Nice.

Dirtt Cigarettes is a belter.

Good to see someone a bit older in a band get somewhere too

given it one listen, It seems alright. I liked the last album too actually. his voice does grate at times though.

first introduction to these guys was the Broken Thrills compilation of their EP’s which I loved. Really enjoyed the debut album too so looking forward to checking this out. I guess there’s nothing really new here but a lot of fun none the less

Ok - had a listen. Big improvement on the last album imo. Still doesn’t have the spark of the Broken Thrills comp though.

That covers EP they did was sort of fun…

I :hearts: Beach Slang.

No idea what album you lot were listening to if you didn’t like The Things… it’s an absolute belter (EP stuff is ace as well).

Really looking forward to this, cracking band.


Beach Slang has always been and will always be a safe place for everyone’

Ugh. Thanks for posting this. Here’s to listening to more female artists in 2021.

Band dissolved and JA hospitalised

Severe CW suicide attempt / self harm / mental illness