Steady on now let’s not get too cate blanchette

I am a land-dwelling creature. (Had to do “stand-up paddle boarding” on a river on Sunday, not for me)

Don’t really like just sitting on the beach, but walking, BBQing, fires, football, swimming, that kind of thing, bloody love it. One of the best things about where I live. And the bar just down from the beach nearest my house lets you take your beer and pizza to the beach.

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quite like the taste of seawater

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Not a fan of the beach itself but get me in that water

Fucking poindexters. Don’t wear shorts, hate flipflops, don’t like the beach…


We can’t all be “surf dudes”, Balonz.

Shut your face or I’ll flush your head down the bog!

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Getting drunk on a beach is better than getting drunk on a not beach


went to a big NYE bonfire on the beach once
same event last year was too windy and there was a firenado so the beach got evacuated


Read a book. Sunbathe. Close your eyes a listen to the sound of people enjoying yourself all around you. Relax to the sound of the waves coming in and going out. Bliss!


If you’re fond of sand dunes, and salty air…

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You’re all nuts. (Except @anon19035908)

I love a beach:

  • sitting around while the kids play;
  • making a sandcastle / moat;
  • if there’s a stream leading to the beach, making a dam / paddling pool;
  • tottering off to the café for a tea or a Diet Coke;
  • having a picnic;
  • more sitting around

We live about half an hour’s drive from a lovely beach. Get in the car by 9.30, on the beach by 10, stay til 2-2.30ish. Perfect.

Also love a beach in the winter, though walking on sand is hard work.


I grew up 10 mins walk from a beach so I love them. Spent most of ages 14-18 getting home from school, packing my wetsuit and heading to the beach to swim/bodyboard/attempt to badly surf. We used to go in all weathers and it was wonderful. Also, just a good place to go to clear your mind and listen to the lapping of the waves when you feel you need some thinking space. I would agree I don’t love being on the beach for ages just sitting there, but with a bbq, drinks and a fire after a swim there is not much better.

I do remember one of the scariest moments we had was swimming out from shore and tredding water in a circle just chatting and a seal just popped it’s head up near our circle and just stared. Young us just screamed and swam as fast as possible back to land.

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Went to college near a classic seaside town so spent a lot of evenings on the beach. Love a beach at night, so peaceful and perfect for a teenage bonfire and smoke.

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Big fan of the beach in San Sebastian. Probably my favourite beach

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I will usually have a nice time at a nice beach but can’t think of many worse places to be than a horrible or overcrowded beach.

big fan, went to this one in harris a few weeks back


think that’s the main thing i don’t like about living in glasgow

no beaches