Bear Advice

run away?
make yourself big and shout at it?
climb a tree?
curl up into a ball and accept your fate?

Attack it, it’s the last thing it’ll expect.

Oofft, I love this kind of chat. Seriously, what the fuck would you do?! It makes me think if I lived in the US/Canada and wanted to go for a walk/camp in the woods I’d always be terrified of potential horrendous death :scream:


Oh man this is all just reminding me of Grizzly Man when Herzog listens to the tape and then in his dulcit Bavarian tones tells that lady that she ‘must destroy this’ :confused:

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Anyone remember on old DiS when St Cronin (I think) tested his anti-bear pepper spray and managed to spray it in his own face? Good times…

Toss it off.

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it’s the last thing it’d expect

That was Leo DiCaprio’s error.

did i tell you i came face to face with a bear* when i was out walking in canada?

*turned out it was a tree rusting in the wind but it sounded 100% like a growl

i grabbed a big stick and thought i’d try and poke it :grimacing:

(i can’t run or climb trees so options were fairly limited)


Assuming it was actually a skunk instead and not a bear, I’d probably chase it wound with my camera out from a safe distance and get funny looks from the cops.

Haha, just make it more angry then? GOOD TACTIC.

An iron tree?

I think just try to be the best bear that you can be, in the circumstances.

Listen to this guy:

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it was a huge tree that had fallen down onto another tree and the barks were rubbing… i think that’s what it was anyway. honestly 100% sounded like a huge animal.

plus there were loads of signs up saying DANGER: BEARS IN AREA etc

I’d make myself look as big as possible by talking to it about football


I seem to remember reading in a walk in the woods by bill bryson that basically every technique some experts recommend others say not to do in any circumstances.


Bears are complicated creatures

If you’re in that situation there aren’t really any high percentage outs, so you might as well try whatever will sound the most badass in your eulogy.

I came across a big mama bear with her cub while hiking in Grand Teton National Park. i did not carry bear spray. I’m still alive.