Bear leg thread






those are arms in the third picture


Anything about bear arms is for the US politics thread, Bam.


if a dog is standing up does it have arms too or are those still legs?


arms. always makes me laugh when supervet refers to inspecting a dog’s elbows


I reckon supervet is a massive narcissist, he’s always making out like he loves every animal with all his heart and he calls his show supervet. Get real mate.


he’s a proper weirdo, no doubt


“hello Julie? It’s Supervet man…I know it’s 3am and your kids are now screaming but I had to call you to tell you I’m a brilliant vet and did the operation well!”


(all cynicism aside though, brilliant that he is caring for animals)


you can care for animals and not be a creep tho


Don’t kid yourself, pal.


I’ve only ever had a goldfish so shouldn’t criticise others on their animal friendships