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Can’t believe that this thread hasn’t been done, but my 7 second search revealed nothing so here we go.

I am in the process of growing facial hair (yes I know technically we all are constantly you massive pedant) but this is something I am not familiar with as it generally looks awful.

Since my TV is on a work trip for two months, I thought this was a great opportunity to give it another go and thought I’d turn to the #landofbeards known as DiS to ask for some #advice.

So here is the current progress (blurred due to bad beard):

Sporting quite a lot of grey in patches these days, looks a bit weird, but I’m not dying it so it is what it is.

What about the stuff on the neck, are you meant to shave that bit?

I am familiar with the term neckbeard, and would like to avoid that categorisation, but know that not everything should be taken literally.

Hair grows at different rates, so how often are you supposed to clipper it to get it all the same length again, or just not bother?

Thanks in advance for all of your constuctive advice and absolutely zero jokes or comments at my expense. Please feel free to also use this thread for general #beardchat

How long do you want your beard to be?

At the risk of full-on mockery, I learned a few bits about basic beard maintenance from Queer Eye. Worth a watch.

Just appropriate length, where to shave to, how to look after it etc.

Well I’m going to grow it for two months and then shave it off again and don’t want to stumble into any faux pas.

Though who knows, maybe after two months I think it’s a good thing and continue being a proper DiSer.

Example: apparently you’re supposed to shave beyond the adam’s apple.


Growing a good beard is simply down to genes. You’ve either got it, or you haven’t and all the lotions and potions in the world ain’t gonna help u baby
#word #allinthegenes #hairgrowingoutofyourfaceuniformally

Nice! If people are mocking you for watching Queer Eye then the problem lies with them not you.

“The thing with beards is that you want it nice and neat, but you don’t want to overdo it. You want it to mimic your face shape.” —Jonathan, on how to find the ideal shape for your beard (Ep. 1)

“For the base of your beard, put your thumb on your Adam’s apple, and that’s where your beard line should start.” —Jonathan, teaching AJ how to trim his beard (Ep. 4)

These two tips seem pragmatic, particularly the second one RE: neckbeards.



Beard is better than no beard

That’s all




My method was to just let it grow and grow and grow until it was wild and out of control and then go to a professional to have it trimmed and shaped. As I work in Holborn I went to the London School of Barbering on Drury Lane. The kid who was there to learn hadn’t seen a beard like mine before except on a tramp so the tutor did the work on me while explaining to the youngster learning how to be a barber what he was doing. At the same time I was listening and making mental notes.


Good to be getting tips on what a beard should look like after all these years.

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I look like a bald, tired child when I shave. Beard it is.


Try giving it a little wash/moisturise each day…my beard hair is incredibly wiry (which doesn’t make a good beard) but it improves when I tend to it more regularly.

You’ll soon discover whether you’re destined to have a lovely, fluffy beard or not…in the case of not (like me), you can just maintain a consistent thick stubble rather than a full shave, if you prefer.

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Jojoba oil is good for softening a wiry beard I’ve found. Also it smells lovely.

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Yes, using a beard shampoo and a moisturiser is defintely necessary once it gets to be a bit more than just stubble.

Honestly, need beard maintenance advice and googling or asking someone feels a bit wrong so might watch this.

Even really scruffy ones? Asking for a friend

Confession: if I still had a full head of hair I think I’d probably go clean shaven.


This is helpful #content as I am also struggling to manage a nascent beard.

Thank you for this thread.

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