Beard Advice

Get mine trimmed and my neckline done every 4 weeks at the barbers. Trimming your own is a mugs game.
Also highly recommend Kalamazoo from lush as a beard wash


Queer Eye is genuinely brilliant, uplifting and often useful television. Enjoy.

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I don’t do ay beard “maintenance” and I look great so don’t worry about it




Beards are great for middle-age men to hide double chins, jowly cheeks and scraggy necks. If you are young, best to be clean shaven to show off your pert face muscles.


I’m old and fat. Can confirm

My process is this:

Begin clean shaven.

Let beard grow.

After about a week, maybe two, clean shave my neck so the beard has some shape. Mine’s further up than the adam’s apple, I just kind of eyeball it where the natural divide between neck and chin is (not like the jawline though, that’s insane).

Happily grow beard another couple of months, shave the neck when needed.

Reach a point where beard is starting to look a little unkempt, moustache is actively irritating. Consider trying to shape it / control it and give up, so shave it all off.

Back to step one.


Get it done at the barbers

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Only beard rule I’d say is don’t do that thing where you have both a completely bare neck AND underside of the chin. As in where everything’s completely shaved off from jawline downwards.


Yeah probably. But I don’t like clean shaven men so that’s just me.

Don’t do a DJ basically.



the ol’ lucas


don’t shave your neckline too soon or it’ll look weird, let it grow wild for a few weeks first. you won’t know where to trim it until you see how it’s coming in anyway.



2 perfect examples. Thanks.

I just get a David Brent goatee. Doesn’t seem to grow much around the sides, and it accentuates my underchin and i generally look dreadful. I’d have a big beard if it would grow properly and in one colour, but it really depends on hairstyle as well. Cropped hair with beard almost always looks good. Longer hair with beard can be hit and miss, especially if like me you’ve got a fuller face.

Never managed to get past the itchy stage of beard growth. I quite like shaving, anyway, and it’s difficult to moisture my stupid rhino-like eczema skin when I’m not clean-shaven.

Might need to change this when I go bald.

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So the Adam’s apple is a good place to end the beard, but how do you decide how to curve it round?

Do you just do a general curve up to the ears? @japes’s one above looks like he’s taken a disproportionate chunk out of the middle, is that intentional?

it just looks like that when you look up. it looks straight when my face is in its normal orientation (i hope)

dunno how that works

Few things in life more satisfy than mowing through several weeks of beard growth with a razor. Usually do it in the bath.