Beard trimmer

I need your help, stubbled friends.

I had a really good beard trimmer. Then just recently, it started to hurt because it was pulling the hairs rather than cutting. So I bought a new one, and it hurts even more, but it was quite cheap.

So I need a new one. Any suggestions?

Having searched around, I’m thinking about either this one

Or this one

Can anyone vouch for either of these, or something else? Cheers.

I have one of these. Was a little sceptical, but the vacuum thing does genuinely work.

EDIT cheaper version here

Is that vacuum in that it sucks up the hairs rather than litters them in the sink?

Yep! No muss, no fuss

Wow! I wonder if they do one of those for closer shaves

Reading the reviews, apparently it kind of works, but you still need to clean up after.

Although they also say it’s a very good trimmer, so I am considering it.

I honestly haven’t found that, possibly because I have a weaker beard (unlikely, tbqfh). Imagine I have added the following review:

So far, no need to clean up after! 4.5 stars

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The OneBlade is fantastic

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someone on DiS mentioned this back in 2012 so i got one, got another one in 2017

i only do a proper trim approximately once every 6 months tho haha


I too need one, one that goes right down to 0.5 stubble, any recommendations?

Hmm yeah I definitely need one of these vacuum ones, insane how far my current one shoots hair whenever I trim my beard - might give this a go

If I was going to buy a proper replacement one I’d get a Wahl, they’re solid. Currently rocking a set of Asda plug-in hair trimmers which I use to do my beard and my hair, they were a tenner I think, solid enough.

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Have you tried moisturiser

I have! Recently started doing it regularly as I was told it would help, and even bought ‘stubble moisturiser’ to soften the hair. I think it made it worse.

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I got a new one and it’s rubbish. think it’s phillips. steer well clear.


I’ve had such mixed experiences. My old one was Phillips and it was great, think it just got old. Bought a Braun one that was absolute shite. New one was Babyliss - also shite.

I’ve plumped for the Beardscape one in my OP. Will report back. Hoping the ceramic blade is all it’s cracked up to be.

And no, I can’t really afford it. But if it means I can actually bear to trim without total agony, it’s worth it.

Pretty happy with oneblade.

Had the vaccum one too, but only catches about half the hair so I end up trimming in the shower anyway.

Where does it suck the hair to???

Comes out your bum.